Maria Avraam

‘It’s the only treatment that has worked for me.’

Twenty years ago, I was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal disorder having suffered for decades with various digestive symptoms including painful stomach cramps and bloating, as well as pain after eating meals and stomach troubles

During these years of suffering, I felt stressed because from time-to-time when my symptoms were bad, l had to take time off work. I was working as a skincare consultant with a premium beauty brand and fitting in my beauty therapy work independently, but I couldn’t make the most of these opportunities because of the unpredictability of the attacks.

My condition also stopped me from enjoying meals at home or with friends, and days out would be spoiled too. It’s very embarrassing and causes a lot of anxiety. I was prescribed an over-the-counter treatment which helped for a while but my symptoms started to return. I tried many other over-the-counter remedies which would all work for a while then stop.

Coping with the gastrointestinal disorder was bad enough but I also started suffering from indigestion and night-time reflux. This was really distressing as it would wake me up to be sick, and as a result my sleep was broken, and I began to feel really tired, as well as feeling uncomfortable during the day and in pain.

I started taking silicolgel in May 2019 when I was given a bottle to try. It was perfect timing as I was getting acid reflux every evening and I couldn’t lie on my back without feeling sick. I took silicolgel three times a day and from day one, it alleviated the symptoms. I could finally get a good night’s sleep, and by day I felt more comfortable because it also relieved my stomach symptoms.

Feeling less tired and more control of my symptoms, I can go out for the day now without worrying have already recommended silicolgel to friends and family, and I will continue to use it as it is the only treatment that works for me.”

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