Susan Cotton

‘Finally, I have more control over my symptoms’

I first started experiencing upper gastrointestinal symptoms after a bowel operation in 2009. Worst of all, my symptoms would trouble me at night, disturbing my sleep. The symptoms were worse if I over-ate or was experiencing stress. It’s bad enough experiencing these things, but even worse was dealing with the extreme tiredness as a result of the compounded lack of sleep, night after night.

My GP eventually diagnosed a gastrointestinal condition which was a relief after struggling along for so long, but nothing I took would help relieve all the symptoms. I constantly worried about when I’d experience tummy troubles and where the nearest toilet would be. I also stopped eating my favourite fruits and other foods as they simply don’t seem to agree with me anymore.

I gradually became more isolated as the unpredictability of not knowing when tummy troubles would strike, led me to lose confidence in going out, meeting friends, and taking holidays or anything where travel was involved.

I tried to develop my own coping mechanisms to manage each day, and I had to organise travel carefully to help reduce stress. I also limited taking painkillers as these seemed to aggravate my digestion leading to heartburn and indigestion.

I’ve taken silicolgel on and off now for the last two to three years. My local health store recommended it and I find that it greatly relieves my heartburn and indigestion.

My husband and I recently took the decision to design and build our dream, forever home. Knowing that we were going into a stressful period of our life executing the build, I am particularly grateful to have silicolgel to support me. I’m no longer afraid to go out as I have more control over my symptoms, and I even look forward to travelling again.

I would certainly recommend silicolgel to other people. I will continue to take it as and when needed, and will keep a bottle handy for travelling too.

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