10 ways to take better care of yourself

Eating sensibly and exercising regularly are staples in promoting better overall health, but there are so many other positive actions you can take to take better care of yourself. Here we list some of our favourite techniques in achieving a better you.

1. Be positive

It sounds easy when it’s said, but in practice being positive all the time is challenging. Try to remove negative thoughts, environments and activities from your daily life. If you cannot remove them totally, try to work on positives in that area – example: You really don’t enjoy your job, but see your colleagues as friends, and the pay-packet is always good! – Try to see the positive in everything.

2. Say ‘No’ more

This is not the opposite of the 1st tip, instead it should work in tandem with being positive. Do not take on too much, do not take on more than you feel you can cope with. Say ‘No’ more often, and if you need it, ask for help.

If you can reduce stress by saying No, it is well worth doing from time to time.

3. Make a list of your achievements

Try it, it may surprise you. You could ask your partner to do the same, it will be interesting to see your achievements from another perspective. Now you have a list, embrace and acknowledge those achievements.

Now make another list of possible future achievements that are attainable. This may help you drive forward faster and realise those dreams.

4. De-Clutter everything

Your desk, your wardrobe, your home and even your mind. By ‘having a sort’ you can remove everything you do not use from your environments. This is a very simple step in reducing stress. Go through everything, if it hasn’t been used in a year question if it is still needed.

For better mental health, a ‘de-clutter’ is important. For some ideas on how to de-clutter your mind, Ted.ideas.com is a useful resource.

5. Get outside

When possible, try to make use of outdoor spaces. Fresh air and exercise can be so beneficial to general health and especially mental health.

Involve your family and friends or go solo. Sometimes a long walk by yourself feels like the best (if it’s a really long walk, add it to your list of achievements!). Take in the environment and nature and just enjoy the beauty.

6. Maintain your health checks

The NHS offer health checks every 5 years for all people aged 40 – 74. If you have not received a letter, you can get more information here.

There are many health checks you can perform yourself on a regular basis, such as breast and testicle examinations. You should also never miss a smear test.

7. Do something for you

From time to time, put yourself in first place. You want a spa day with your bestie? Go for it! The real value on slowing down and doing something that gives you pleasure is huge.

It doesn’t have to be booking a holiday (although it could be!), a small treat can be as beneficial. You want to spend all day in your pyjamas, watching Netflix? Go for it.

8. Reconnect with old friends

Remember the good old days? Call, text or send out a direct message to whoever you think of, remind them of that time that something funny/amazing/exciting happened. Reminiscing with friends or family members can reaffirm friendships and cement them for years to come.

9. Acknowledge how you are feeling

This can be so productive, especially when done regularly. Have your own notebook, just to record how you feel. It’s ok to be sad sometimes, we are all human. By acknowledging your negative feelings, you can work on how to improve them.

As important, listing your positive feelings can amplify them. If you feel comfortable to do so, share how you feel often with your partner.

1. Listen to music…

Listen to Baz Luhrmann’s feel-good cult pop tune Sunscreen, embedded with some great advice, or listen to any music that makes you happy, that evokes good memories and stirs emotions.

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