Janice Salter

Janice, a retired florist from Warwickshire, first started suffering from gastrointestinal symptoms around 40 years ago, regularly experiencing painful gastritis and a sore stomach. “I went to my doctor who just thought that it was stomach acid that was causing my problems after I’d have further investigation involving barium meals and a camera to look inside the digestive tract. I was prescribed some medication but it doesn’t help unless I get a particularly bad bout of the illness; on occasion antacids have relieved some of the pain.

“I’ve become used to living with the pain of these digestive problems but it is annoying and painful, particularly noticeable when wearing tight or close fitting items of clothing, like bras for instance. When symptoms are really bad, I can’t even stand the feeling of the quilt touching my skin in painful areas.

Janie read about silicolgel in an social media advert. “I’ve been taking silicolgel for about three months now and my stomach is less sore and less troublesome. I usually have to stay away from acidic and spicy foods but since using silicolgel, I’ve found that I’m less reactive to these foods and I’ve even been able to enjoy a few glasses of wine at the weekend without being in pain the next day.”

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