Shauna Strachan, 30, Renfrewshire

Heartburn, acid reflux, vomiting and tummy troubles were a source of anxiety for me over the course of several years. My symptoms would frequently flare up unexpectedly while I was at work, making it exceptionally challenging to maintain my role.

The symptoms left me feeling quite low in mood and also prevented me from going on nights out, being able to drink, or to have a normal meal with family or friends. Mainly I missed just waking up and feeling fit and healthy ready to start my day as I used to feel.

I was formally diagnosed with gastrointestinal issues in March 2020 and, as part of a strategy to relieve my symptoms, I made the difficult decision to change careers and become a dog groomer, allowing me to work in an environment where I could better manage my health.

I tried various treatments and supplements without finding much relief. After seeing good reviews for silicolgel, I’ve been using it for over a year now. When taken, the acid reflux and burning sensation in my stomach eases and I no longer have heartburn, vomit less, and my stomach discomfort is relieved.

I’m less anxious because I know that the gel helps me feel more in control of my symptoms, and I’ve been able to start eating out with family and friends more as a result, without the constant gnawing of my stomach, reflux and vomiting being on my mind.

I’d definitely recommend giving silicolgel a try if you have similar symptoms. I have more confidence in myself and my appearance, and I have more energy day to day without being worn down by the incessant digestive symptoms.

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silicol®gel is a certified Medical Device (Class II a) conforming to EU directive 93/42/EEC, and is produced in Germany by Silicol GmbH, D-33719.

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