Natalie Fisher, 38, Kent

We’ve a history of digestive issues in my family and so I wasn’t surprised to be diagnosed with a gastrointestinal disorder in my early twenties having suffered with abdominal discomfort, reflux and embarrassing stomach troubles throughout my teenage years.

I’ve tried various remedies. Some gave me short term relief, but they’d stop working after a while and I’d be back to square one.

I’m a busy working mum, and when I’m stressed, I usually experience a flare up of my symptoms. It’s a vicious circle; I know that stress makes it worse but when I’m in a stressful situation I’m also worrying about my symptoms which often makes things worse.

A colleague recommended Silicolgel to me. It relieved my stomach discomfort. It even improved my reflux. During a normal working day, the usual windy stomach pains would peak around 2-3pm and I would feel uncomfortable for the rest of the day but since taking Silicolgel, I no longer experience these uncomfortable afternoons.

It’s made my working life so much easier, I worry less and I can get on with my daily duties without feeling uncomfortable.

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silicol®gel is a certified Medical Device (Class II a) conforming to EU directive 93/42/EEC, and is produced in Germany by Silicol GmbH, D-33719.

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