Kevin Mackay

Four years ago, I started suffering with uncomfortable reflux symptoms which worsened at night. After consulting my doctor, I was prescribed Omeprazole which I have taken on occasion. It helped relieve the symptoms a little but not in a very predictable or reliable way.

I tried changing my diet and cut out trigger foods which helped but as with most dietary changes, it is difficult to sustain these changes in the long-term.

The reflux has had a severe detrimental effect on my sleep; both in terms of quality and quantity. I’ve tried sleeping more upright to alleviate the symptoms but that caused back problems! I can’t eat too late in evening, which influences my social life, and it also effects how I plan my working day, and enjoying activities with my children.

I heard about silicolgel from a friend and I have now been using it for nearly two months (Oct 2016) and I’m pleased that the reflux has improved at least to the same extent as with Omeprazole but it feels like it acts quicker, and in a more specific way, and more reliably. My sleep has improved as a result, and I feel more able to manage my symptoms living each day more comfortably.

Kevin Mackay, 50, Business Consultant from Hampshire

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