Christina Green

I have tried several other remedies such as peppermint oil and Aloe Vera before but neither were much help. My stomach issues have definitely impacted on my social life and daily living. It very often stopped me from doing things, and it’s very frustrating especially if it’s a bad bout of symptoms. I’d often have to put things off and feel anxious about going out to social occasions and family gatherings.

I decided to give silicolgel a try, not really expecting it to help but I was pleasantly surprised by the results; it worked!

I used to wake up with stomach ache and think here we go again, another day stuck in the smallest room in the house, but now I don’t worry so much because I know the silica gel works so well for me, and I feel more relaxed and confident going about my daily life. I’ve recommended it to others as well and I hope it helps them get their life back too.

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silicol®gel is a certified Medical Device (Class II a) conforming to EU directive 93/42/EEC, and is produced in Germany by Silicol GmbH, D-33719.

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