Sharon Elder

‘I keep a bottle in the cupboard in case of future flare-ups’

I’ve suffered all my life with gastrointestinal symptoms, and have tried various remedies. During flare ups I would have time off work or have to cancel plans.

Around 12 years ago, it was suggested that I try giving up wheat, which I did, and this was a major turning point in my life.  The symptoms almost vanished and within two weeks I felt like a new woman.

Since then I’ve been fine most of the time but over the last year I have been suffering from a sore throat and reflux symptoms. Recently I started taking silicolgel on the advice of the sales assistant at Holland and Barrett.

Within four days I was feeling really good! My symptoms are gone and I feel happy and healthy.  I will now always keep a bottle in the cupboard in case of any future flare-ups.


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