Marianne Sloan

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Marianne – silicolgel has changed my life

I have suffered from gastro issues for over 9 years with symptoms ranging from heartburn to bloating and discomfort. A year ago a friend gave me a bottle of Silicolgel to try. It really has helped all of my symptoms. As soon as I feel the heartburn starting, I take it straight away. The first time I tried it, I was three hours into a bad night of heart burn. Within 20 minutes of taking it, I was able to lie down again, and I slept until the morning. I couldn’t believe it; normally I would spend the whole night pacing the floor just trying to get comfortable and lying down even the next night would have been a no-no, I would often sleep propped up with pillows.

I feel as if I have tried every product under the sun, but never came across anything like silicolgel. It has made daily life more comfortable and I always try to carry a bottle with me when I am out and about, just in case. I know symptoms can strike at any time. I usually have warning signs and I can quickly take silicolgel and carry on with what I am doing, rather than looking for the fastest route home.

I don’t usually decline many events etc and during the summer I am out a lot, but since having the gel I am less likely to have to go home early from anything, and have not yet had a night of pacing the floor, and having to work a full day on no, or very little sleep. Silicolgel has definitely made a massive difference to my daily life.

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